Advanced Feline Dentistry and Oral Surgery

The importance of oral hygiene for our pets is well known, but did you know that a lack of routine dental care could put your cat’s health at risk? Health complications such as kidney infections and cardiac issues occur commonly to cats that do not experience regular dental exams or cleanings. The Cat Clinic of Iowa City considers dental care one of the most important components of your cat’s wellness. We incorporate dental exams into every wellness visit and recommend procedures based on your cat’s needs.

We offer a full complement of dental services to maintain your cat’s oral health including:

  • Comprehensive oral assessment
  • Dental cleanings
  • Extractions

Digital Dental X-Ray

Dental exam

The Cat Clinic of Iowa City utilizes advanced technology to conduct thorough and convenient dental exams. Digital dental x-rays allow our staff to check for problems hidden from the human eye and provide quick yet highly accurate results. With the help of this valuable diagnostic tool and understanding of our patient’s individual needs, we can determine the dental procedure that will best maintain your cat’s oral health.

Dental Surgery

Our clinic is equipped with the specific surgical tools to meet the challenges of feline dental surgery. We will thoroughly prepare for your cat’s surgery with precautionary bloodwork and monitor your cat’s vitals throughout the procedure. Once we’re confident of their recovery, we will provide thorough guidance for any post-operation care at the time of their discharge. If necessary, all our medications are available at the clinic for your convenience.

Home Care

Brushing your cat’s teeth is the most effective method of sustaining the long-term health of your cat’s teeth and mouth between exams. A consistent brushing schedule has been shown to mitigate the leading cause of periodontal disease: plaque. However, brushing cannot correct serious problems once they have advanced past the first signs and there are often no obvious symptoms of dental disease. Combining frequent or daily brushing with regular exams is your cat’s best defense. For more information on how you can care for your cat’s teeth at home, we’ve prepared a guide on How to Brush Your Cat’s Teeth.

If you’d to know more about the health of your cat’s teeth and mouth, read our article on feline dental care or make an appointment with Dr. Hayes.