Cutting-Edge Tools to Monitor Your Cat’s Internal Health

Your cat’s annual exam should not focus on just the concerns that we can see. In addition to wellness and vaccinations we also check for the possible concerns that cannot be seen. Due to their distinct physiologies, cats are often prone to unique complications such as urinary problems, difficulty detoxifying medicines, and other liver concerns. The Cat Clinic of Iowa City combines the use of an on-site medical lab and cutting-edge equipment with their feline veterinary expertise to provide swift and accurate diagnoses.

In-House Laboratory

Cat and Microscope

Our facility offers the ability to conduct comprehensive medical testing on-site. We are able to perform blood and urinalysis testing to test for heartworms or other parasites and early stages of disease.


We utilize x-ray technology to evaluate bones as well as organs and the health of your cat’s teeth and mouth. Digital dental x-ray technology is especially helpful in maintaining your cat’s dental health. Radiographs will help us assess a variety of conditions that may not be detected during a physical exam.


Ultrasounds provide additional perspective of the health and function of your cat’s body. The advantages of ultrasounds include three dimensional views of the organs and its non-invasive nature.