Feline Surgery Experts of Iowa City

Cat surgery

There are occasions when surgery may be necessary to sustain the health of your pet. Feline surgery presents challenges different than those of canine surgical procedures. Surgery for cats requires precise surgical tools and a staff with specialized experience. The Cat Clinic of Iowa City is able to offer both to conduct a wide range of surgical procedures, including:

What To Expect

Cat surgery

Our staff prepares our patients for surgery with blood work that we test in our on-site diagnostics lab for swift results. Dr. Hayes utilizes his extensive surgical experience and the latest surgical methods to conduct all procedures. Our staff uses the most current technology to monitor your cat’s comfort during and after procedure.

Pain Management

We are happy to offer the option of laser surgery in order to reduce pain, inflammation and risk of hemorrhaging as well as shorten the time our patients need to make a full recovery. Once your cat is ready to go home, we will provide thorough home-care instructions tailored to your cat’s post-surgical needs. For your convenience, pain management prescriptions are available at the clinic to use as recommended by Dr. Hayes and his staff.