Veterinarian for Cats in Iowa City and Cedar Rapids

Dr. Brian Hayes examining a cat

Dr. Brian Hayes
Fellow, Academy of Feline Medicine

Established in 2002, the Cat Clinic of Iowa City remains Iowa City’s sole feline-exclusive full service veterinary clinic. Our veterinarian offers all the same veterinary services of a general small animal hospital and combine them with our specialized knowledge of feline medicine. Without the noises and smells of dogs, our fully equipped facility provides a peaceful and more relaxing environment for your feline companion. Our veterinarian and staff are experienced with the unique, respectful handling that cats may require and adjust their techniques to personality of each patient to ensure a gentler and harmonious experience. Overall, the Cat Clinic of Iowa City gives cat and cat-owners alike less stressful visits to keep patients healthy and help our sick or injured patents heal.

There is no greater reward than hearing about our client’s positive experiences at Cat Clinic of Iowa City. Explore our veterinary services to learn how we could help your cat or contact us to make an appointment.

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